Alheri Grace Stephen

Alheri Grace Stephen

Senior Programs Manager

Alheri Grace Stephen is a mathematician and educator. She currently does a work-study program at KELIC Education Consult, where she is learning: grant writing, community mobilization, community projects initiation/development, stakeholders engagement, and citizen science research. She teaches adult learners, writes grant applications, and manages programs.

She led the initiation of a Butterfly Garden and oversees its maintenance at KELIC Education Center in Garki, Abuja. Located within the Festival Road Primary School Area 10 Garki, the garden has become a great educational resource. It was inherited from the wife of Nigeria’s former vice president, Oludolapo Osinbanjo in 2023, who planted flowers to improve the aesthetics of some public schools in Nigeria’s capital city. Alheri embarked on this project to not only enrich students’ educational experiences but to also promote environmental awareness, community engagement, biodiversity conservation, and sustainable practices within the broader community. By fostering connections between students, schools, and communities, this project contributes to creating a more environmentally conscious, resilient, and cohesive society.

Alheri also initiated the Financial Literacy project that aims to revolutionize conventional methods of financial literacy. The program places a strong emphasis on practical application in addition to imparting knowledge. She seeks to fill the gap between theoretical understanding and real-world application by offering a comprehensive after-course program. She does this to ensure that participants apply their financial skills in the real world bringing about responsible financial behaviors and habits leading to improved financial stability and resilience.

Alheri holds a first-class Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics from the University of Jos, Nigeria. Her academic journey is a testament to exceptional dedication and prowess in a field that forms the bedrock of problem-solving and analytical thinking. Alheri’s mastery of mathematical principles extends beyond the classroom. She applies her analytical skills to address real-world issues, evident in her Financial Literacy project and innovative approaches within the Environmental Club.