Mentorship for Leadership

On monthly basis, KELIC organizes mentoring awareness meetings to create platforms for leaders to work with younger ones and vise versa.  Beforetheir first contact, we guide mentees to identify potential leaders and subsequently teach team dynamics and relationship building that culminate into profitable collaborations and development.

Naïve students build confidence at KELIC. Mentorship for Leadership platform provides opportunitiesfor mentees towork with individuals, NGOs, CBOs, CSOs and corporate organizations that are stakeholders of Education, the Environment and Health. In this relationship, mentees learn to tackle challenges that inhibit human, family and national development. They alsoacquire skills and tools relevant for good development. Our development is holistic. In small groups and communities, we are focused on best form of adaptation to climate change to reducevulnerability to stress and learn how to create systems for problem solving, management of current climate risks and contribution to policies that address, in specific terms, local and global climate change and attendant problems. Via the Education, Environment and Health mentoring approach, KELIC intends to tackle adaptation deficit associated with poor countries and regions like Nigeria and the sub-Saharan Africa. We are working in groups to learn how to heighten per capita income, literacy and institutional capacity so as toreduce our vulnerability.