Climate Action Clubs with schools

Christabel Ozioma Ugwuanyi

My name is Christabel Ozioma Ugwuanyi. I am a mentee at KELIC Education Consult. I am currently into the creation of Environmental Clubs in secondary schools. The aim of this work is to create awareness on the impacts of human activities to the environment.

Several problems, such as air pollution and climate change are influenced by human interaction with the environment. An estimated 12.6 million deaths each year is attributed to unhealthy environment. Globally, air pollution alone causes 6.5 million deaths annually and these numbers are increasing. A total of 279,318 people died in Nigeria in 2017 as a result of environmental problems. More than 30,000 people die each year in Lagos State, Nigeria as a result of air pollution. The increase in mortality rate due to environmental problem is alarming, and as a result, everyone is encouraged to join in the fight for a safe environment. The need to take action in protecting humanity against rising environmental problems, is the force which drives me to collaborate with schools to form Environment Education Clubs.

My aim is to create awareness about the environment. The Government alone cannot solve these problems, so they  need the joint effort of every citizen. “Knowledge is power”, when we educate the younger ones on the importance of the environment. It gives  power to make changes within our environment. Collaborating with stakeholders also increase the awareness of the public on environmental stewardship.