Digital illustration of community project

Kelvin Agbonifo

My name is Kelvin Agbonifo. I am a mentee at Keene Learning and Information Center, KELIC. I am also a DIGITAL ARTIST.

 Art is something everybody appreciates and anyone who see’s a beautiful drawing will be drawn to it. This is where my specialization is based on. I create beautiful drawings with the aim of getting the attention of an audience. Thus, introducing people to the individual projects of KELIC members.

 My aim is to reach out to more people. I want to achieve that by sharing project illustrations of mentees at KELIC, to as many media outlets as possible. Which includes; the social media, websites and blogs. I plan to extend it by producing physical mediums like  Flyers and posters. My target audience are people that are uninformed about KELIC’s projects, sponsors and individuals that will find the projects beneficial.