Indigenous plants identification using Plantsnapp app

Theophilus Noah Baba

I am Theophilus Noah Baba and I am working on Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) – Identification of Plants Native to Abuja  (Where Nature and Technology Live in Harmony)

Humans have interacted with nature since the creation of earth and every nation have an ecocultural history. Which is largely in an oral form in Africa.

Since late 20th century, particularly the 1980s, TEK has gained ground in academic spheres. Plant identification in native language constitute is an important part of this science.

This is especially important to foster sustainability in the 21st century. Which have challenges with climate change, severe carbon footprint, attendant issues, population explosion and urbanization in an unprecedented fashion.

Abuja indigenous plants identification (AIPI) is a Citizen Science research in conjunction with PlantSnap in the US.

Six (6) major languages of Abuja that focus on this project are; Gbagyi/Gbari, Gwandara, Basa, Koro, Ebira Koto, Ganagana, English

Survey Requirements requests that respondents must be a native of Abuja, educated and/or indigenous to these languages and geography.

Project Survey