Pediatric Cancer

Chidinma Dora Elias

My name is Chidinma Dora Elias. I am a mentee at Keene Learning and Information Center, KELIC. I work on a project that provides me the opportunity to know Pediatric Cancer. I want to become a Nurse.

Do you know that over 40,000 Nigerian children are diagnosed with different types of childhood cancer every year? Advances in treatment of pediatric cancer have proven to be futile over the past century. As a result of delay in diagnosis, inability to obtain accurate diagnosis and inaccessible cancer diagnosis and treatment by the masses.

The objective of my project is to increase prioritization of childhood cancer by raising awareness at communities, sub-regional, regional and global levels.

My strategy is the use of effective communication to enhance therapeutic alliance and advocacy on social media platforms. I learn from a wide range of stakeholders ranging from medical practitioners and professors to patients and students.

We can bring hope in our communities when we work together with kids living with cancer at local and global levels. Join me in this struggle.